Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To Do List

To do
Nothing much going on to blog about
My to do list is rather short and boring and just weird
See below
-Let chin hair grow so I can wax it
-Get cat louder bell so she quits bringing dead bird carcasses into house
-Get the knot out of goobers butt hind quarter area
-Get hubby to swap out window air conditionor because its squeaky
-Wait for Sundays premeire of True blood
-Find a new book to read
-Pull weeds in flower bed to plant spring flowers, oh wait its June, hmm Summer flowers then

Arent you all just like jealous of my life



  1. hmmm that dont sound like much fun at all :( we could clean spare room :)

  2. no that sounds leisurely ugh i dont wanna clean

  3. lol good i didnt really want to either hehe

  4. meeee either.... but no worries. Cross the AC off as its getting done tomorrow!!


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