Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things Dad's do

Things Dads do

Change diapers
Take you to preschool
Take you to your first day of school
Watch Ren and Stimpy with you in jammies
Dress up like Barny at your 6th bday party
Take diva wife, you and your best friend camping and fishing
Listen to them complain and moan and cry the entire weekend and still think it was fun
Drive diva wife, you and your best friend on yearly vacations
Listen to us yammer complain giggle and be generally annoying with no complaint
Stop at every flea market, mall, silly attraction, ill timed rest stops along the way
Teach you how to fish
Teach you how to drive
Teach you  how to change a tire
Not beat the crap out of the boys you brought home
Make up a silly pet names for you
Love us all

I am so jealous of you for having such a father.
But I am really blessed with such a hubby

Happy Fathers Day


  1. aww he is great and my favorite son in law too happy fathers day you are the best


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