Saturday, June 5, 2010


So it has been a month since I joined Curves
I have been going religiously,regularly,a lot,at least once a week.
I am down two pounds!
Yay it must be the diet I have been following,religiously,regularyly,faithfully,half arsed!
Go Me!
This month I am going to try really hard, sorta hard,hard, kind of, to do better


  1. lol and with me nagging i mean pushing you, im sure you will

  2. oh now thats really funny!! im doing the same thing

  3. LOL Mrs My daughter signed up for some smart card on it that tells you how many calories you burn and you can manage like 380 a session if you work it really hard. There is really no excuse for me not to do bett

  4. Good luck to you! It's a pain to have to force yourself to exercise. I just moved my office and I have to walk 15mins each way to get there from the trains station... part of the appeal was the extra walking I couldn't get out of. :)

  5. Hi sapphyre and thanks Good job on walking that will keep you well fit


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