Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nothing Special

I have a friend I met online
We both are married
Our hubbies act the same way (Big babies)
We have the exact same livingroom furniture
They have one daughter
They take their daughters best friend on vacations just like I did with my girls best friend.
We are the same age
We have the same kind of dog
Her daughter even collects ducks like mine does
We went on vacation together and were asked numerous times if we were sisters
We have the same laugh.(think of chickens clucking)
We ping each other on msn the exact second the other person sits down in front of puter
We work the same schedules(stupid early)
The other day I told her to put the cake down put it DOWN and she was all omg how did you know.
Our moms have been married and divorced the same amount of times ( I wont say but its unusual)
We both moved a lot as kids and went to same number of different schools.
We were both slutty,wild,out of control,fun before we got married.
We both spend way too much money
It is creepy I tell you
It means I am not such a weirdo because there is another one of me out there HAHA
I really like her a lot
Does that mean I am like even more in love with myself than I thought?


  1. OMG you would pick a day to do something like this when I hormonal *sniff* then giggles and yes its and evil giggle also. You left out a few things but not everyone needs to know how weird we really are :) xoxo

  2. seen them on vacation it was like having two tammys lol what fun

  3. You're really serious? OMG! Wild!

  4. yes it is quite strange and how are you doing blue!


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