Friday, May 14, 2010

Where is Link?

My stupid laptop which I LOVE was broken
The keyboard was stuck on OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as in oooo lady give me a break I am sooooo tired of you.
Or maybe it was OOOOOOMG not you again
Could have been GOOOOOOOO away I am so sick of you.
I like to think its because I work so much my keyboards cant keep up with me
I have had to replace very single keyboard on every laptop I have owned
I am sure its because I am so productive and not because I type with big huge paws pounding out misspelled words in random grammatically incorrect sentences, all Neanderthal man like.

Where is Link?
I dont know he is missing

But anyway I got it back today because my good friend was able to just install a new keyboard for me
So Yah I am back baby!
Did you miss me?

PS he is very reasonable and clever so if you need puter help email me and I will hook you up.


  1. I thought maybe it was a spooky ghost like "ooooooooooh" like they do on Scooby Doo :)

  2. Yes whenever I have a moral crisis I ask myself what would Scooby Do

  3. I haven't thought about Link in ages...

  4. scooby would eat a sandwich. and then cower in fear.

  5. Scooby to the rescue!!! Glad your laptop is back working. My son's laptop is broken but don't know what's up with it.

  6. I am sure he would give him an estimate if you would like his contact info karen?

  7. happy you have lappy back yay troy is a hero gamma says yay troy

  8. Yep - always miss you when you don't post! :)

    Glad your laptop is back in working order.

    Have a great weekend!


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