Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What is Wrong with YOU?

You might remember, I pay my mom to clean my house 3 days a week
This makes me act kind of like , oh I dont know a big sloppy teen.
Today she came over and convo went like this.

Her: Are these clothes dirty
Me: No I am selling them on ebay
Her: Oh so you are going to ship them
Me: No, no one bought them.
Her: OH, So you threw this towel over them because?
Me: No I had that towel on the window to block out the sun.
Her..blink blink
Me: The sun shine through the curtains I wanted a nap.
Her: But why is it on the floor.
Me: I didnt want hubby to know and ripped it off right before he got home.
Her: What is wrong with you?

Indeed dear internet
What is wrong with me? :)


  1. lol sounds like me

  2. oh now its ok i feel like im needed yay, mom loves you tammy :>)

  3. hehe yes we love you cleaning too :)

  4. YOu are me. What is wrong with us?

  5. Honestly I dont know where she gets it, her mom raised her better than that LOL Im certainly not that messy lol

  6. Next time try this

    Mom: are these clothes on the floor dirty?

    You: I don't pay you to ask questions....

    LOL my mom would have laughed at that!

  7. i think i will try that next time Krystros hahah I dont know where we get it from either I am glad i am not the only one

  8. hey I taught you well come see my messy apartment lol love you open mouth and in goes my foot


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