Monday, May 3, 2010

No Tommy!

One of my favourite blogs to read is Ann Leary
located here
She has written two fantastic books, her blog is funny and she shares lots with her readers.
Oh and her husband it that one guy Denis Leary.
Today she took her flip cam out while she took her horse Mark out for his ride.
She makes it look so easy!

The one time I have been on a horse was during a cruise excusion

I call this picture So Not Us

My chubby friend and I were waiting around the coral and watched as the guides singled us out crying

Over here MAMMAS

Oh that must be the word for FAT ARSE you over there! Fat ARSE Mamma come here.

After singling us out they put us on the biggest horses in the corral
Yes Mamma must  mean fat.
Everyone was told to get to know their horse by name
Golden girl
and of couse mine


Watch out Greg Bites
Watch out Greg likes to gallop
Watch out dont put Greg by the other horses he likes to kick
On top of this they pronounced my name as TOMMY not Tammy

NOOOO Tommy slow down
No Tommy dont scream so loud you are making GREG mad.
Tommy dont go there
Tommy hold on

After miles of trails through some god forsaken woods we got to the beach where they said dismount, they took off their saddles and we got to ride them BAREBACK in the ocean.
This is not as romantic or refreshing as it sounds.
For one thing Greg thought it was a race and even with this fat mamma on his back he was determined to win!
Biting, kicking and pushing his way through the herd we came in first!
All the while listening to guides yell NO TOMMY DONT

I am pleased to say that I managed not to fall off and break my neck.

And really internet isnt that all one can hope for out of life at times ;)


  1. LOL - great post! I love that you labeled it "FAT" :O)

  2. more like Taaaahmmy.

    LOL Greg. Maybe it was short for gregarious.

  3. Hey we did really good, and they loved us, plus they gave us drinks before we had to ride back, and in all honesty you really did not scream that loud LOL

  4. oh you prolly coulnt hear it over your laughing


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