Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Love TV

All the seasons are wrapping up with their finales
You know you watch wayyy too much tv in the winter time when you are excited about the finales.
But tonight is the Biggest Loser
This one I am really excited about.
I hope Ashley wins
If she doesn't win I hope she gets all her weight off.
She is so young and beautiful
Being the mother of a young beautiful daughter myself my heart just melts for her.
So is it sad I am excited about a television show?
Ok ok lets be honest here.
Television shows as in plural
Yes I have become one of those women
18 months ago I didnt have time to watch tv
18 months ago working full time and at home business, I didn't have time for friends family or anything.
Yes I have become one of those boring women now who has to plan to go to the store because it is such a BIG ORDEAL going out.
I mean you have to get dressed and everything.
Do your hair right?
So you know it is a big deal
I enjoy having company and I plan out meals to cook.
Yay Spagetti tonight and last night was deep fried dinner night, dont ask

Cant say I am hating it though
I like it quite a bit.
Next month:
Rescue me
True blood is back
and the pool opens at my daughters place
Bring it on summer!


  1. your daughter tried calling you today but you didnt answer. she also texted you. hmm guess you dont love company that much eh? just teasing! xx

    I hope the pool opens up soon I need to lose some weight though dont want to be a beluga whale again this year

  2. true blood and rescue me yay , biggest looser laying by the pool . oh yes this is the life. yay summer time


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