Saturday, May 8, 2010

Divas are Born not Made

I saw one of those Captcha verification thingies you have to type in when you leave a comment or something on a web page
It was
But Melodies
That is what I am going to call my farts from now on
Butt Melodies


My mom use to yell at me  What do you think you  pee rosewater or something, when I was being all uppity and snooty as a young girl

Yes dear internet I was always a bit of a Diva even when we were dirt poor and on food stamps
I think it just comes natural

So from now on I do not Fart
My butt is just singing to you!


  1. so now your farts smell like roses too lol

    love you Happy Mothers day tomorrow your the best daughter and you smell and sound good too

  2. Ok, but you do realize that your singing stinks, right? ;)

  3. hahah blue that made me laugh out loud


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