Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Biggest Cry Baby

Last night I was watching the Biggest loser
It was make over week
They would show a persons before picture than they came out after their make over
And I sobbed like a baby
Mom and the girl were on msn boohooing right with me
They showed Ashley (pictured above) who asked her mom at beginning of the show.
What If I cant do it?
Her mom replied
But, What if you can?

Yes What if she can?
AND she is
A freaking MOM moment
I want to be that MOM!!
What if you can??!!!'

OMG I was a mess

Hubby was not in the house for first part of show so he came in last half
During weigh ins
Thin hubby who has never had a weight problem EVER
Who thought he would be funny making snarky remarks
Man boob jokes
Fat butt jokes
I kept telling him to hush
Please dont I love this show it inspires me
I mean come on since it started I have lost a pound
I even joined Curves
He kept going on and on though and finally.......
I lost it
I mean whacko lost it yelling
At one point I screamed
You need to F%$^king respect the SHOW
RESPECT THE SHOW you skinny Bastard

He went to bed and then I ate the left over spagetti he had packed for his lunch.

This morning I started my lovely lady times and said I guess that was why I was so emotional last night.
Hes like he always is and said oh I thought that might be it no worries blah blah blah hugs kiss

A few minutes later he yells out

Where is my lunch?

Respect the LUNCH!!!

Indeed .....I agree ;)


  1. lol I can just imagine it now lol awwww sounds a good show, will probably be over here soon, we have it on some channels I just have not watched it yet

  2. HAHAHA! You are hilarious! I love it!

  3. we just want them all to win. nobody sent home boo hoo lol gramma

  4. as much they losing they all seem like winners now

  5. Oh I'm obsessed with this show, and I'm so glad Sunshine is gone now! Spoiled little brat! But your post had me cracking up.."Respect the show you skinny bastard!" That right there.. is epic!!!!!!!!

  6. lol mamma, he has been much better actually he doesnt come in the house till show is over now


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