Friday, April 2, 2010

Where is it?

I love my adopted town
I have said it lots of times before on this blog
I love how quaint and silly the lifers are that grew up here.
I have lived all over and really feel at home in a city.
I would never have conversations like I do here in my smallish community

Convos like this:

School paper arrives home for girl years ago in show choir.
Time Date and location
Location was: Meet behind the old jail.
So I call the school
Where is this?
Behind the old jail.
I dont know where the new jail is have you an address
It is kitty korner to the Kruse building
Are you serious?
Yes you know the Kruse building!
I didnt know you named your buildings
Dont you have a street Addy
It's the NW corner off Main
So it's on Main?
No the Kruse building is on Main
I need a street addy or we wont be there.
Hold on...........
Finally some janitor got on and gave me an addy.


Isnt that just so cute?


  1. i still dont know where the old jail is. or the new one. lol

  2. and were happy we dont know where jail is hahaha I love our town too gramma

  3. it cracks me up i could probably give directions like that now but something inside me wont let me

  4. hey I give directions like that all of the time, my most famous one is turn at that big tree that has the cute little plaster looking deers in the yard.

  5. lol and do you get that look like wth? thank goodness for GPS now

  6. I can find it. NOT
    But I thank I heard those rections for.:)

  7. LOL Karen i know and its gotten worse over the years now i hear things like YOU dont know where the OLD JAIL is?


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