Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ten Signs to Quit

It has been over a year since I quit my day job and went with my at home business and I have never been happier.
I like to joke that I quit my job a year before I left which is not fair to my past employer.
Here are 10 Signs that you should quit your day job.

You visualize sticking a pencil in the eye of a coworker every time you hear her fake booming laugh
You thow quarters in the mens urinal just to see them disapeer within an hour
You come in a half hour late take an extra half hour during lunch and leave an hour early
You secretly hope each summons to the bosses office is your dismissal
You never check your voice mail
You never read your email
You start throwing things away rather than file them and wonder when anyone will notice (sadly no one does)
You havent done your job properly in so long you have to ring tech support because you forgot your log ins
You dont know a coworker was on a two week vacation until they bring in pictures.
You cry on Mondays.

If any of these are you look for a new job RIGHT AWAY you wont be sorry


  1. lol this made me laugh so much, as its so true and I can relate to those things when I was in my last job too.

  2. Office jobs suck

  3. lol you forgot to put "you make your mother tell your boss to leave you alone"

  4. omg I think i had my 17 yr old son call in to my part time job saying i would never be back lol gramma

  5. I resembled some of those signs. were the source of the free quarters? LOL

  6. lol yes i hope you didnt get any of them


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