Thursday, April 22, 2010

Style by ME

I mentioned earlier here that I wanted to do some redecorating this year.
My house is old and crappy and a bit like the Addams family mentioned here.
I dont much care what my furniture looks like I am quite pleased with myself that it matches.
Well it did at one time.
On second thought after only replacing a piece at a time when I absolutely have to I suppose they dont match any longer.
To be honest I have every single color in my living space possible
Red ,Mauve, Green ,Brown ,Tan, Blue and nicotine white.
Also every color of wood.
Ok never mind I am not much of a decorator or a housekeeper for that matter.
If I had my way I would live in hotels and tear out the walls ALA Joe Cocker
I was proud of my day bed and sent a picture to my very stylish friend who said it looked "comfortable"
Hey I know a nice insult when I hear one.
Yes it is, I pushed ,but what do you think of it.
"It isnt something I would have but it fits in with your living room nicely."
Yah ok I get it

Anywhoo I decided rather then buy new curtains why not wash the ones I  have
They just look nasty because they never have been washed and are all kinds of stained with huge dust bunnies on them
After ripping them down, Falling over on Goober, I went in search of a broom to clean off ceiling.
Do we not have a broom?
Where is it?
Hmm, I wonder if this dried out mop will work.

I washed and dried all my curtains, struggled to put them all up, and stood back to admire my day of hard work.

Why are they all wrinkly?
Do I have to iron them?
Who has an iron
I dont have an iron

I am just going to buy new ones
Or maybe not
Maybe it will start a new trend
As my friend would say, it fits in nicely with the rest of my living room


  1. LOL yes it does fit very nicely. I like to think of it as well lived in and cosy

  2. Thanks guys it would be sad if it werent so true lol

  3. but i let you borrow my iron so therefore you can iron them all .... lol


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