Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stop Looking at Me

This is how Goober stares at me when he catches me eating frosting out of a can
Yah there is an AHA moment to be sure
Not to worry Goober, I have thrown the frosting away and even joined curves yesterday

PS Dear readers, I pride myself on my blog being shallow and fluff and something to laugh at. I dont really delve into deep things on my blog nor in my own life. Yes I try to be as carefree and shallow as my blog pretends to be. I dont always get away with it because some things do touch me, they strike me at the core of my being and make me ashamed at how flippant I treat my life and the things in it. This blog however:
Titled simply Mom, Me and Alzhimers humbles me on a per entry basis.
If you think there are not angels walking on earth disguised as humans, read this woman' blog.
Read this womans blog and see if you really have anything in your life worth complaining about.
I know I don't 


  1. I see his tongue sticking out. :) Frosting out of the can? YUMMMMMMMM

    Have a great day my friend!

  2. Yay my badgering works! I hope that we go tomorrow!


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