Friday, April 23, 2010

Diva takes a Dive

I was at me fav hangout of late
Who can diss Walmart?
They have everything!
It's all so cheap too!
Instead of a the normal type Walmart cashier (I am not judging) they had a cute guy working it.
He was a big flirt too.
This guy had a definite MILF fetish going on
Thank you DEMI!
I was thoroughly enjoying myself and he seemed to be too.
The woman behind me was getting quite annoyed at how slow he was scanning my many purchases
I was secretly thrilled and happy I had done my hair make up nails and forgot to put my big wedding ring back on and dressed all trendy
I swear I didnt look a day over 35
DONT you judge me internet!

What fun.
But then
The stupid register asked him to compare signatures
I had to show him my ID
With the WORST PICTURE ever on it.
Big fat big hair triple chin picture
With my AGE on it
I totally saw his face fall
so much for check out boy fantasies
Stupid whoever is in charge of the universe and their twisted sense of humor.


  1. awww hehe some times you just having to much fun lol, If he would have seen your car it wouldnt have mattered .

  2. Awwww mannn... big bummer! It was fun while it lasted, right?

  3. lol mine makes me look like myra not sure if you know who she is but shes not a nice person!


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