Thursday, March 4, 2010

Worthless Psychic Crap

My family is always saying its creepy how I know things

Like I answer questions before they ask them which is really weird but I swear they asked them.

How did you know that?
You just asked me?
No No I didnt I was going too .......but
Oh ...well I figured you asked it I guess
Youre creepy
Thanks I knew you were going to say that haha

Or I will think of someone I havent thought of in long time and run into them
Or i have dreamed of things that happen next day
Or I will call someone out of the blue to ask what they are doing when they are doing something bad (a PERM the girl)
or inappropriate (the tattoo GRANDMA)
I actually left my last job by an overwhelming feeling out of no where
I thought it was a panic attack and just left on a Tuesday after 13 years with no notice.
I found out later they were planning on big changes that would have made me quit anyway and I got to leave without training someone how to do the job so HA!
Yesterday I was telling my friend on msn that I sold the desktop computer and jokingly said I guess I will be screwed if my lappy goes out HAHA
Then I took a nap
YAH guess what happened when I woke up.
Lappy wouldnt boot.
Stupid useless premonitions
Why dont you be useful and give me some lotto numbers or something

Anyway its under warranty my girl had the old lappy we had two purchases back for me to borrow and life is good again

How is your week going internet?


  1. I feel this way too, like you know when something is going to happen, You get a deep gut like feeling. It's a shame we cant do anything to predict the lotto huh?

  2. I knew you were going to say that hehe it runs in our family

  3. I can identify with this. Before my grandmother had a heart attack, I had a dream about it. Before my grandfather died, I had a dream about it. Also, I can be with a person for a few minutes and get a good idea of what they are feeling...or thinking. It just depends on how open a person is. The funny thing is, I don't even believe in any of this crap, yet it happens anyway. It never helps me too. What's the point of being able to see things this way if it really doesn't help anything? hmmm lol

  4. I know right and the other day I had a pair of odor eaters for hubby in hand thinking buy these buy these and I said how stupid is this, he doesnt need odor eaters come home he asked me to pick them up next time i was out. like what good is that crap? buy your own odor eaters

  5. i had a dream that you were crying and yelling at me and then i texted you when i woke up and you had a mini meltdown so i guess it runs in the family lol but on the other hand, i wouldn't want it to be too prominent or otherwise we would see horrible things all the time

  6. erm so i did cry and yell at you lol i dont remember

  7. My sister is the same way... she gets these feelings and she calls and sure enough... its like she's psychic or something.

  8. hmm she calls when you are??? oh do tell


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