Thursday, March 11, 2010

There's no Ap for Stupidity

I was sitting in the Walmart parking lot yesterday with my handy dandy cool Iphone trying to look up the balance on my card.
I had the Super Duper cool application for my card on it but couldnt get a wireless signal and it would only hook up to edge rather then the 3g FAST AS THE WIND connection
Finally it loads and I keep typing in password wrong.
God forbid it SAVES a password so I have to retype it with my big fat stupid sausage fingers on the virtual keyboard that tries to predict my word although it is a password so no such word exists!
tap tap tap
Is it this word ?
Meh wrong try again
load load load load
tap tap tap
This word?
Try again!

Argh what am I going to do
I dont want to shop and have my card denied
I am not sure of balance
OMG if its denied I dont even have a back up card
I should just go home
I am sure there is money on there
I should just risk it
Stupid Iphone
What good is it if I cant get a good connection?

So dear internet, tell me, have any of you caught on yet?
All this stress?
What obvious fact am I missing?
Give up?
You can call the number on the back of the card for balance inquiries
You know the 1 800 number that is on the back of every single card issued
Call them!
With your phone even.
Like we all use to do long ago and far away in Flintstone land. 
Who would have thought?


  1. ah i hate that, my problem now is with my online banking I have a form that has remembered my login details on my lappy, but cant remember what they are now so Im damned if this laptop dies on me lol!

  2. Love it... the simple things we often forget about!

  3. I would have done that too

  4. aww funny! they dont have mobile alerts where you can text it in?! what! lol

  5. I'm so tech challenged that none of that makes sense! LOL


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