Monday, March 22, 2010

So Not Right

I type a lot at my at home job
Like ...ALOT
I have never had a problem with wrist pain or anything like that.
I have kind of always thought the typists who did are lazy,sitting wrong, whiney, you get the picture.
Yes I am obnoxious that way.
Something wrong with you?
YOU must be doing it wrong.
Wouldn't I make a great friend?
No fear internet karma has bit me in the ARSE
My left thumb is like useless
My left hand can not have any pressure on it.
If I do use it I fall to my knees and scream in pain(ok not really but I could oh yes I could!)
I also couldn't open my own medicine bottle
Who the heck makes those bottles?
I couldn't open the Aspercreme either
Is that a sick joke or what, shrink wrapping it and a stupid pull off tab Are you kidding me?
Anyway what is really wrong
What is so not RIGHT
Is I evidently haul my big fat ARSE out of the tub mainly using my LEFT HAND
Yes I was stuck in the tub
Because my big fat above mentioned arse is too big to turn around in above mentioned tub.
That is so not right!!


  1. ahh the joys of being left handed... at least you can still write, considering you are right handed. I would, therefore, be completely and utterly useless.

    I hope you get better sooooon xx

  2. yes i can write notes of apology to all those typists i sneered at

  3. there is a reason I have taken my tub out and replaced it with a shower only

  4. yup going to have to be showers only for a long time lol

  5. oh no and your house keeper had left so could not even help you out hahaha im sorry . cant get pill bottle open when in pain use a hammer i found that works ;)

  6. Ouch! I hope it gets back to normal really soon!


  7. Aww thanks Lisa its much better today. You have to laugh at yourself otherwise someone else will

  8. oh dear! i hope you get better soon :-) Try elevating and icing ;-)

  9. I am much better today outdoor mom and you are right lots of icing does help and total contrition for sneering at others with carpal tunnel syndrome doesnt hurt either hehe!


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