Friday, March 5, 2010

So Not Cool

 Mom is trying to wear some new flip flops with reinforced sides
I dont know how to describe them but basically they are your flip flop sandles with sides on them so they dont flip flop
She of course has a sore between her toes
I am all like so dont wear them
She informed me it was either those or those pink crocs
The ones that strangers make fun of.
Those were all the rage years ago
I read that the company making them expanded so fast that now they were facing bankruptcy because they fell out of favour so quickly

Stay with me internet, remember I am ADHD diagnosed.

The above convo got me thinking of all the things that I use to LOVE that are so stupid now

Big 80s hair
Hairy chests
Miami Vice look
High waisted jeans

I loved all those things.
All accept perms I always thought that was pretty silly to look like a brillo pad
So what do you think it was that made us change
Over use?
Propaganda that it wasnt cool anymore
A change from it to a new style that reinforced how silly it all was
What do you think?
Is there anything that you secretly still love that you dont dare go with?
Mine is the big 80s hair I could soooo pull it off and kind of wish it come back
For now I will stay with my flat iron and tame my old style locks


  1. acid wash jeans. lol
    Bright colours like hot pink and lime green.

  2. or those safety pins ripped jeans

  3. hey i love my bright pink crocs and will prob wear them this summer, if flip flops dont work for me ,every one said somthing about them last year ... i was the talk of walmart lol

  4. I like the feathered-Farrah Fawcett-hair. Sweetness! :)

  5. Oh I miss that too Lisa It tried to make a comeback for a while but didnt catch.
    Mom you wear them whenever you fancy LOL

  6. I with Lisa . Feathered long hair.

  7. hmmm I dunno Im thinking UGGS they are soooo cosy but also getting a bit too popular for my liking with everyone wearing them now, im kinda going off them but with the comfort ohhh there just is not a better boot around!

  8. I do like uggs I like the old furry ones they had that were popular for while


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