Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Becoming a Woman

The girl is on a diet
She put some weight on when she was going to school ,working full time .moving out to start her own life and getting married
erm so in other words


She is doing great
Of course it is hard work as we all know
Up days and down days.
We got to talking how our entire self perception can change from day to day
Never mind you weigh the exact same
Never mind you been carrying that weight around for awhile and our honeys still love us.
No we have days like this.

I love my curves
Im so hot
Look at my cleavage
Omg I am a cow
Look away
I am hideous
Lets go dancing
Woot I am shaking my arse
I am too sexy for my shirt.
I want to try the pole
My butt is huge
Why does it jiggle
Get away dont touch me
Why dont you want to touch me
I love this shirt
It looks so good on me
Ugh this shirt is huge
I look like someones grandma
This is a moo moo
My jeans are so fat
Yay I got in my jeans
Look at my butt
Wiggle wiggle
Erm yah, and that can be all like in ONE DAY.

So that is what the girl is going through.
Aww my little girl is a woman now.
Truly proof positive she has joined our ranks
Welcome aboard
Isnt it fun?
PS Come over we will talk about it any time, I will make cookies


  1. the same hour in fact lol :) but it helps knowing you are always there for me! xx

  2. lol it doesnt take us long to go either way friend
    i know you the same way and you a tiny thing

  3. like when going to weight watcher meeting Your like i feel skinny i just know i lost look my pants are loose on me. then get weighed and WTH i gained 2 pounds then you think look im a cow boo hoo hang in there girls better days ahead


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