Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winning Slob

I entered this contest


They are giving away 100 gift cards for pictures of the dirtiest windows.


So me being a big slob all I had to do was decide which filthy window in my house to take a picture of for submission.

I chose this one, which I posted on my blog before.

One because I already had the picture and two because Goober is all kinds of cute, I was hoping it would sway the judges.

It worked

I won

Yay Goober and his piggy slobbery ways!

Go enter everyone! It is an ongoing one every month.


  1. Go Goober GO! Good job of not cleaning your windows and winning the contest! YAY! :O)

  2. I know congrats to me for not caring LOL

  3. and someday maybe we be filthy rich. or just rich and filthy. who knows

  4. gramma dont do windows hehe yay gramma

  5. Now that you won, I can send my hubby over to do your windows... Got to love that side business of his, I never have to do them, He does!

  6. oh thats true your windows must be nice


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