Wednesday, February 17, 2010



I posted this picture before showing you how we are hunkered down for the winter
But you can see my two pets, Goober and Beuhla get along very well.
They are very close.
She likes to lick his head 
He likes to lick her um....other end.
Since we got him as a puppy and she has always been friendly to other animals they are almost like siblings.

Ok bear with me I am going to go off topic but it does all tie in 

When Goober was a puppy, he was very easy to house break
He would always go peedies outside through the pet door.
However he would poo in house for quite a bit longer
I could never catch him in the act.
I would not scold him of course just clean it up and throw it away
He always watched me clean it up and we tried hard to catch him in act.
To be honest i have never seen him poo, he doesnt like to do it when anyone is watching
I can walk him two miles and he wont poo.(ok two blocks who am I kidding walk 2 miles)
Such a modest dog.
He started going right by the trash where I was throwing it away.
I am convinced if he could have got his butt up that high he would have went right in the trash can itself.
Next time I cleaned it up I threw it out his pet door.
He never went in house again.

Back to my pet siblings.
I mentioned the other day that I cleaned out the cats litter box, I even got her a bigger one.
Newspapers underneath it and got some fancy dancy fresh step type.


I caught Goober pooping in her litter box
I am not even lying.

I am sure he is thinking if she can why cant I

Erm no Goober
I put up the baby gate to the room where the box is.

Being close is one thing but YAH  I dont think so.


  1. Wow! I didn't know you could litter box train a dog!

  2. oh yes i have a friend who litter box trained her dog but its a 3 lb yorkie what does goober
    weigh now 80 lol

  3. Ok, so I'm laughing at a few things about this post. LOL at "two blocks..who am I kidding", LOL @ Goober pooping in litter box, and last but not least...LOL @ Google ad to the right here: Pet Waste Stations. Lowest Prices, Lifetime Guaranteed. Then the second ad says: Rascal Dog Litter more expensive "piddle pads" Best DOG LITTER BOX. LOL!

  4. I know you have to laugh, If you read the other post when I changed the litter box it was such a horrible ordeal for me. Now he thinks he is going to go in one! Google wants me to buy Goober his own box. I dont think so!! The Cat doesnt mind the baby gate she can jump over it. He is just crazy!!

  5. I can't remember if I read the other post...I'll have to look. Oh, and yeah you posted that comment twice on my page. LMAO! I was laughing so hard when I saw the second one begin with "hmmm...I might be posting this twice" lol! I liked having two comments...doesn't matter if they're repeats. Maybe double the supportive comments...double the weight loss?? hmm...ya never know. :oP

  6. kim i wanted to make sure i posted but wasnt sure it went through then thought well ill just do a quick disclaimer hehe, i hope you keep on doing great with your weightloss

  7. Thanks for the positive vibes. :) I hope you do well you're working on. lol Oh yeah, I remember now, I hope you continue to do well making more money than hubby while staying home and taking naps (I'm totally jealous by the way). lol


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