Monday, February 15, 2010

Red Faced

 I get on the scale and I am up 7 pounds
Then I notice my socks are like erm too tight
Oh wait I have not had any blood pressure pills for oh I dunno , a week
Boy was my face red LOL(get it? your face gets all red when your blood pressure is high)
Anywhoooo I went and got them filled so thought I better take 2 of them
Slept 10 hours they make you so sleepy
Pee'd 8 gallons I swear.
Woke up light headed
Took my bp it was like 110/70
Good lord I am almost dead
But hey I was down 6 pounds
Why does that make me think it was all worth it?
Not to fear internet, it is back to normal now
I am going to try slim fast for a few weeks to see if I can jumpstart my diet.
I am on day 3 and so far doing alright
2 shakes a sensible dinner, easy peasy right?
Only problem is my dinner keeps getting earlier and earlier
I think today I will have dinner at 3pm maybe 2:30 if i can hold out.
I figure if I am sleeping all the time with these stupid winter blues I might as well not eat.
I also have done my wii fit for 3 days. In a Row!! I know dont faint.
Stupid hula hoop who hulahoops for 10 minutes straight?
Evidently I do now.
I gotta lose some weight before summer.
Just keep chanting with me
spring spring spring will come.
How are you all coping with the winter blues anyone beside me feel like hibernating till its all over?


  1. Meeee... i've been up three hours and now i am tired. Need a nap!

    I've been on a liquid diet of Dt Mt Dew lately lol :(

  2. yay mt dew or as the old commercials use to say
    yahoo mt dew

  3. I don't exactly have the winter blues, but I am SO ready for warmer weather! Remember, we Texans are not used to freezing cold weather for more that 2 or 3 days at a time ... with a few really warm days thrown in to buffer us. :O)
    My son came downstairs the other day and very seriously asked me, "Are we going into an Ice Age?" Hahaha!

    We still have snow on the ground from last week! That is UNHEARD OF!

    Anyway, I'm glad your bp is under control and that you're down 6 pounds. Go girl!!! :O)

  4. I want to go hiking or biking or something. I rode 2 miles on my stationary bike. But I ate to much Valentines candy. I want some right now. HELP!!!

  5. LOL good job on the bike karen, my honey ordered me special candy but it wont come until tomoz, we wont think of what i will be doing to that box then

  6. LISA That is so cute your son thinks iceage Heck it might be we dont know sure seems like it


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