Friday, February 19, 2010

The Monster Within

You are an idiot
Why are you being such an arsehole.
I am not being mean to Goober
He went in the litter box for gosh sakes!
He is lucky he doesn't  live on a chain in yard now
Goober go lay down
Goober get away from me.
Stop looking at me like that
I am not trying to pick a fight.
Boo hoo sob
That commercial is so sweet
Maybe I should go to a fat farm
I think I will
I spent hours researching one I am going to go for 3 months
What do you mean I cant go
You dont care about me
You are selfish
No I didnt get any sleep
I havent slept in 24 hours probably because of you and how you drive me insane.
Who can sleep.
I dont feel like working
Just because, what you mean why dont I feel like working
I got someone to cover
I don't know how long
Why should I work all the time
All I do is work
No one cares
They just want more more more
You all just want more more more the more I give more you want.
Its never about me always you you you 
No I don't want to go out
What the heck why would I want to go out
Like where are we going to go
This town is so small and stupid why do we live here, I hate living here.
We don't have the money
Oh the kids are coming over
blah blah haha lets play games lets have dinner blah blah chat laugh
What a great time
Our kids are so great
I love them
Wahh I love them so much
Boohoo I miss them

What do you mean am I getting ready to start?


Oh by the way, I started
I don't know why I was so mean
I don't know why you put up with me
Sniff honk blow nose
God who would want me
I am so mean
You should leave just go save yourself

I need a hug

WTH internet, why do women turn into such basket cases right before that time of month?
It is insane
When I look back at the last 24 hours I dont even know who that crazy woman is.
The worst part is it all seems so freaking logical at the time.
Like who wouldn't be mad and be screaming
What woman would put up with such things and not go off.
Why wouldn't I be crying, who wouldn't cry at an AT&T commercial about download speed.

Thank you friends, family, loved ones, internet lurkers, my commentators,and pets for putting up with me each month
Don't worry I am back to my normal self now just a bit embarrassed.
Mostly thank you dear hubby for understanding and forgiving all the horrible things I say to you each month.

Love you all



  1. oh how i feel ya right now. at least i had the sense to plan my vacation around mine this year. last year i was a blubbery bloated mess the entire time we were in mexico. good times for everyone.

  2. Denice! I was on mine when we went to Mexico too.
    I will definitely do better planning on our next vacation.It is so embarrassing looking back at some of my antics.
    Oh well lets hope it is part of our erm..charm

  3. lol gamma asked me if i noticed you seemed off... i didnt think you were. just thought you were extra happy we came over!

    I had a break down and a boo hoo episode today.
    I know how it goes.

    Love you too xx

  4. lol poor gamma
    cant hide anything from her though

  5. we love you just the way you are just a couple days u not so funny lol love you xx

  6. Aww thanks Ill mark the calendar so next time we know it is coming

  7. You can be mean, happy , sad , crazy or anything you want we still love ya. Just be safe.

  8. LOL thanks karen I am happy be back to normal today


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