Thursday, February 11, 2010


Mom calls to wake me out of my 10 hour slumber
I am stuck in the alley
My alley?
No My alley
I call her back,
Ok let me get dressed
I throw on a pair of heavy jeans that I cant zip up over my fat gut
Throw on a long sweater to cover open zipper
Put hubby's hoody on and stumble down my alley to get to her alley
On the way I am thinking what the heck, how am I going to get her out?
I am out of breath walking over here.
She should have put some weight in her trunk
AHA Moment
Open your trunk says I
Open the trunk I am going to sit in it
My massive weight gave her the traction to get it moving
Then we rocked it back and forth until she could back back in driveway and go out the other side of her paved parking lot
Being fat does come in handy


  1. ok, that's funny. but i don't think it's a reflection on your size. i'm sure you're not fat at all. the weight of any human being would have helped! just to give it that little bit of extra traction. i think i'll remember this if we're ever stuck and make sure to put both kids at the back of our explorer!

  2. LMAO I have done this before and yes fat does come in handy once in a while

  3. LOL yes it does work I remember making my girl sit in trunk of my 95 camaro in the same situation.

  4. yay what a wonderful daughter i have lol gramma has to get out to shop snow or not i love city life weee gramma

  5. What a great idea and props to you for thinking of it! You always make me laugh! :O)

  6. hmm yes i remember doing that as well lol good idea :)

  7. lol funny id have love to have seen that!

  8. you would think two standed ladies in town would get a helping hand, i am sure when i was young and hot we would have lol


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