Friday, February 5, 2010

Deja Vu


We all went to see Avatar last night
Lots of rave reviews
It reminded me a lot of the film Ferngully
Also a lot like the film Dancing with Wolves
Plus that blue skin made me think of smurfs
It was one hour too long in my opinion
But only because I needed a cig and had to pee 
Didnt really need a blue smurf shag scene
The orange dragon at the end kind of looked like some emo teens skateboard paint job 

But and I am sure I am not telling you something you havent heard already
The freaking graphics and 3d is like all kinds of awesomeness
What are your thoughts?

On a funny note, we all drove to movie in same car and convo took a weird turn
see below

The girl: We are getting a big tax refund
Me: We always have to pay
Hubby: I dont get why we always have to pay everyone gets big refunds
Me: I own my own business and dont have any dependants, of course no refund.
Hubby Well it sucks
Me: Fine you want me to have a bunch of babies
The girl : HAHAHA you cant have babies you are too old
Me: What, I can have babies, I will have lots of babies, Dont even tempt me to prove it.
Hubby YAH we can go home start making babies now


  1. it was an awesome movie i loved it yay family night with kids gramma

  2. you can win the baby race, its okay, i am not in any rush lol

  3. I didn't see it yet, but my son and daughter told me that it's amazing!

  4. The graphics are amazing I must be old not wanting sit in a theatre that long. LOL Kim i dont know why she so shocked of me having babies

  5. the graphics are good but if you strip away them, then all you have is... a shallow plot. Im more interested in the "how it was made"

  6. I have not seen the movies and I can't have babies anymore. :)

  7. lol I doubt I could handle more babies

  8. lol i know how babies are made... the stork brings them, right?


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