Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby its Cold Outside


I am freaking freezing.
We decided if we arent working we are just going to stay in bed
I have my new warm quilt to keep me cozy
and of course these two also like to lay on top of me and keep me warm
How are you all handling it.


  1. aww they keep you warmer then any quilt lol

  2. Great idea and you've gotta have the babies in the bed with you! It's the coldest year in Texas that I can remember. Nasty, cold and rainy outside right now, but I like it! If it gets too cold inside (I don't have zoned heating, so the upstairs stays WARM and the downstairs stays COLD), I build a fire in the fireplace. LOVE that!

    Hot drinks help lots, too!


  3. lisa you are in Texas? they always seem to have such crazy weather there on the news. Tornados Rain snow cold it seems wild


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