Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Where is the sun
I am freezing
I have cabin fever
I am fat and miserable
I barely function anymore
I was going to go out last night to buy some candy thinking that would perk me up (yes I see the irony), looked in mirror and it hit me I havent even showered in I am not going to say how long.
God these winter blues are kicking my Arse
Anyone else?


  1. on news last night they said it was most depressing day of the year its a holiiday lol
    jan the 18 after holiday blues

  2. they also said sun might be out in morning so we would have to get up before noon to see it LOL

  3. just think you are over the worse now! And that its a new year so you have summer to look forward too and that means you can take your top off your car and whizz around friend!

  4. yes soon as Feb gets here there is always hopes of spring

  5. get in shape and you can take more than just the top off your car! ;)


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