Saturday, January 23, 2010


If you have been following my blog, you already know I have always thought of myself as a bit of a self made diva.
But lately, since I have been working from home and dont venture out as much in the real world as I did before.
I find I am loving  some very surprising things

Elastic waist  pants
Flannel Jammies
Bread maker
Family Events

Even worse is my wish list
I am wanting some very odd things

A sharp knife
A good skillet
Showtime subscription back.
Company over
A good book.

Ahh I feel a change a coming internet, and I kind of like the new me.
I am still keeping the sports car


  1. Oh gotta keep the nails also

  2. Ahhh...the work at home wardrobe. Yoga pants are heavenly. I will be sad when I start working in an office and truly discover how much I've really gained over the years.

  3. Thanks lisa, if you knew me a year ago you would be as shocked as I a by the change but I like it. Little ms blogger I love your blog and am glad you are enjoying yourself at home. The only weapon of choice for an outside job is control tops ;)

  4. Tina you know like you I will always have nails even if i have to glue them on LOL

  5. hehe i am feeling the same though I am about sick of being home all the time, going to go sign up for Curves this week

  6. I am in my flannel PJ's. I have my snuggle close by for when I start watching tv later and my list for presents for my birthday were. A new skillet , can opener or scales to weigh myslef. Scary isn't it.We really need to get back out in the world. I would like a sports car. :)

  7. Anything that provides me comfort is something I want around!

  8. karen i have way too many scales that tell me way too much :) I wonder if anyone staying at home is in search of the perfect skillet rather than the perfect handbag.

    Hi blue!!

  9. you look cute in your jammies dear you always have love u ma

  10. aww thanks mom
    Remember how we let the little bro run around in his footy jammies all day cause he looked cute

  11. company over tomorrow, arent you excited, lord knows i am, and i have a great magazine too full of skillets and new knives, they must have gotten my address from all the sweeps i was doing lol :) its exciting


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