Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goober Says

It's flipping cold out!
Let me in woman!


He has a pet door off the enclosed porch and in the summer he can come and go as he pleases, but in the winter he tends to freak out the main door is shut.
That is his slobber and scratches on the window.
And no dear internet I dont leave him out there long at all, but I am bored today so I had to snap this picture before letting him in.


  1. Poor baby lol. In Texas it doesn't really get that cold (although now we are pretty darn cold), but Thunder hates the rain because we make him go in his crate to dry off when we let him out. He'll come up to ask to be let out, but if we open the door and its raining he just looks at us like "Uhhh, on second thought...." too funny

  2. oh i wish goober hated the rain
    he loves it lol
    and i have to put him in his crate too he comes in with mud covered paws

  3. goober loves anything with water, he is a water dog hehe

  4. weird... yet he sits in the tub... :P

  5. Golden Retriever? Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I have those same scratches/slobber marks on my back door! :)

  6. LOL yes definitely a golden and he is very spoiled.
    Dont you just love them to bits


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