Monday, January 4, 2010

Empty Headed

I am coming up dry on blog entries
I could blog about what a great Christmas I had, but all my Christmas’s have been great.
Rich or poor it is a magical time of year and I love everything about it.
Some years I haven’t gotten in the spirit until the last minute, but come Christmas day I always feel blessed with my family and friends.
I could list my New Year’s Resolutions but I will just refer you to last year’s or the years before or the year before, you get the idea.
So yes very boring charmed life I know.
Although, to be honest my life is not charmed, I just am one of those annoying optimistic types that never complain.
What is the point anyway, besides to make others around you miserable too?
If not miserable at least it makes people who really care about you worried and the ones that don’t really care and are just tolerating you bored, amused or appalled.
So what do you think dear internet?
Is this a good out look to have on life?
I can say for me in my getting oh so old years, it has work well so far.
Should I make my New Years resolution to complain more?
I suppose I would have more blog entries.
Yeah I don’t think so either


  1. you gotta look on the bright side as no matter where you look there someone better off and worse off then you too :-)

  2. I know right
    like my dog ate my pradas then i met a woman wearing nikes lol just kidding but yes that is exactly right friend

  3. LOL, as usual, you make too much sense (lalalalala hands over eyes). I sometimes try to resolve not to complain so much....that is usually followed by particularly dry spells on my blog and facebook status updates, but I'm sure people probably prefer that to my incessant whining lmao.


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