Monday, January 11, 2010

Bright and Shiny

It has been so cold out and with the heat running almost constantly,I have noticed my skin is dry.
After much research, I bought this.

It claims basically to be a do it yourself at home microdermblahwhatever just like they do in professional offices.
Just like the stars!
Although not quite as intense,you can do it twice a week and get the same results you would paying lots more.
Yay Frugal me!
After applying per packaged instructions,rinsing off and applying the firming night cream I sat down at my computer to work
I could not believe how great my skin felt
I couldnt keep my hands off it
So smooth
So soft
So tingly

Getting up for a break I glanced at myself in the mirror under the harsh bathroom light.
My face is bright RED
Like a freaking sunburn

so soft, smooth and tingly!


I look like Samantha did on Sex in the City after her Chemical peel


Man the crap we do to stay looking good.
Not to worry internet it did go away in a few days.
My skin is a lot smoother and softer and no longer red
Now I am just all..Shiny

So funny


  1. LOL you crack me up!

  2. lol you are young yet friend, just you wait

  3. oh my gosh it is nice and smooth good job u look so pretty xx gramma

  4. thanks it took few days i dont think i will be doing it as much as they advise you too on package


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