Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesdays around Town

This is how all the streets look in my town.
Its just crazy how all these big ole trees are all over and canopy the streets
Which is not the norm in most towns around here as home owners replace them with different smaller trees.
Its not a town ordinance or anything just everyone here loves their old monster trees in front of their house despite the fact we get horrid thunder storms that wreck havoc and send them tumbling on to our heads

Also visited the brother and his finace while out and this is their lovely dog Riley
He was saved from a shelter and we think he has irish setter in him and maybe some golden retriever. Goober and him are exact same colour.
He has his own lovely look though.
Note the troll hair.
Troll hair better seen in this picture. It will not stay down no matter what!
He a big lovey thing too.
So fun

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Picture Perfect Contest

Ok I am coming up dry on the blog entries lately
So let’s be lazy and have some fun too
Let’s do a contest WEEEEEE
This one is your most embarrassing moment
But not any embarrassing moment, one where you thought you was all cool and all that.
I will tell you mine so you know what I mean

When the girl was in preschool, I went to pick her up
The kids were out in the playground and she was running around on a sunny day laughing smiling
I was looking all fab in my spring dress
Sun shining glistening off her blond hair
I stood there taking in the scene for a while
Loving mother looking at her beautiful daughter at play
Picture perfect moment

The teacher taps me on the shoulder and whispers
Did you know your dress is tucked up in your panty hose?


And no I didn’t have any panties on

So yes I looked like a big bag oranges standing there stuffed in my control tops

Ok you go

To enter the random drawing

Give us your story for one entry
Follow us for two
Subscribe via burn for another
For two entries back link to me on your blog

Weeeee lets go

Oh and the prize

50 dollar walmart gift card or via PayPal whichever you prefer
Will make drawing on Sunday July 5th at 7pm EST

Good luck

Friday, June 26, 2009


I always thought Perez Hilton was a bit over the top and just down right mean but this post he has since taken down on Micheal Jackson is just pure EVIL

Read it here:


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesdays Around Town

Yes I know it isnt Tuesday but I did tell you I was quite the procratinator hehe
Some more houses in my town
These are actually all on one street, the main one at that
it goes right through town and they are all very old with huge trees in front of them
I had to lighten some just so you could see the house because the shade is so dark
Keep in mind i am just using my iphone camara

Gah arent they lovely

One of these the door was open and this lady came out as I was leaving I am sure she was like wtf. At least she seen me get in Hot Diva Car so she doesnt think I am some loser

Its 98 here today and the heat index is 105 yet these houses front yard look so cool and mild under the trees

Ok hope you enjoyed I am back in my crappy old house with window air conditioners going and can barely hear myself think hehe maybe I will just go shopping

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


They dropped the iphone starting price
Iphone geeks who are "devoted customers" are all crying and whining blah

Erm Did I miss something?
I mean it cant just be me?
I have always paid way too much for the latest technology

Such as:

Caller Id: 79$ for little box, all of the calls said not available for 1 year
CD burner: 329$ on sale burn CDs on puter at 4x woohoo!
DVD Player: 289$ didn't even burn them, only played and none of your favs were available on dvd
VHS to DVD conversion software/hardware: 180$ it captured while you played it real time and burned it while you played it back real time
Digital Camera: 490$ and it took these stupid fat cards and ate batteries up like candy
Digital Camcorder built in hard drive: 15 minutes of video before it was full
3.2 Gig external hard drive: 320$ it crashed after 9 months warranty was 6
Note pad with handwriting recognition software: 125$ I never take notes so was um worthless to me.

Any who...you get the point right.

And I am eligible to upgrade to new iphone in Aug Sweeeeeet

The Little Things

Isn't it funny how we view ourselves is all perception.
Some days the little things make you feel on top of the world
Some days other things make you feel like a total loser
Here are my triggers
What are yours?

Winner Activities:

Driving hot diva car
Manicured nails
Good hair days
Paying cash
Picking up the tab

Loser Activities:

Making Meatloaf
Charging Groceries
Cash Advances
Ruthlessly scanning home to see what is worth $$ on E-bay
Using Coupons

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy Boo

Back in the day when we had you
Post natal depression was just baby blue
She's only tired, it will go away
But you know it didn't, it wanted to stay
Thank god for your Dad
With his pride and glee
He was all you had
The first month or maybe three
You were daddy's girl,his baby boo
But he taught me the best thing in life
How to love you

Mommy Boo

Thursday, June 18, 2009

DSL Tech Support 101

Last Monday

Them: It will be there Friday
Us: Yay

Last Friday

Them: Your lines suck call the land lord

Us: They said you suck the lines are fine.
Them: Says you canceled it
US: Erm No we moved we didn't cancel it
Them Oh right ok sorry my bad, it be there Friday
Us: Ok cool

Another Friday

Them Its there hook it up
Us: Erm its here it doesnt work now
Them Oh right lets walk you through it for say about 2 hours
Us: Ok it works
Them Yay


Us: Shit it dont work
Them Hold please.
Us: Ok
Them Its your lines call your landlord
Us: Click &^*&%#

US: Hello cable company? When can you come out install internet
Them Tomorrow
Us Sweet

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bite Me

True Blood is back on HBO
Season 2
I freaking love this series
I have always had a thing for vampires
I dont know what it is about them but they are so sexy
Bite me!

They are based loosely on these Sookie Stackhouse books here:

Very Sexy Fun Entertainment

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kindle Shmindle

I blogged here when I got my new Kindle and loved it.

I blogged here when it broke and how great customer service was to replace it next day air.

I am blogging TODAY how it is broke AGAIN
I am providing a link BELOW on buying the extended warranty.


The *&*&*$#$ broke.
Same thing.

Yes I love it.
Yes customer service is great
Yes they are replacing it again next day air

Buy the extended warranty.....that's all I am saying.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Personality Test

Me: I ate a bunch of cookies, watched a cartoon ,and fell asleep
I'm like a little kid

Her: I ate left over pizza, watched a movie and fell asleep.
I'm like a teenager.

Him: I ate dinner and fell asleep watching the news
I'm like an old man.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Admiration from Afar

I love old houses
I have an old house but it is crappy
I am lazy and dont feel like redoing it
Also i like to shop so I dont want to spend money on it either
Never the less, I do adore an old home with a big porch blah blah
We have lots in our town
I'll post a few
Arent they lovely ?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sleepless in Denial

I bought an E-cig
There is a link on the side if you want to know more about it
Basically its electronic cig delivers nicotine no smoke and you get to exhale this cool looking vapor that feels looks like smoke.
When I do my online job I smoke A LOT
So with my handy dandy e thingy gadget in hand I am puffing away feeling all kinds of healthy and cool and looking all Cruella Deville
It never goes out like a regular cig
I have no idea how much nicotine I am sucking down
28 hours later with no sleep
I am thinking
Maybe this is not a cool thing
Dang it all.
But finally two sleeping pills and one nerve pill 18 hours sleep later
I think I will give it another go

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hammer Time

ME: Does it take screws?
HER: Yes, but it has hooks too
ME: Oh you screw these in first?
HER: I think so.

ME: I got his cordless drill
HER: Cool

ME: Oh this bit thingy too small
ME: Maybe we can wiggle it around
HER: Yeah ok

HER: Do the screws go in now?
ME: No it’s too hard
ME: The holes are too small

HER: Should I go get him?

ME: Nah I think I can hammer them in
HER: Cool

ME: Yay
HER: Curtains are up woohoo!

US: Women rock!
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