Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time to Care

Last year I was working a full time office job along with putting 30 to 40 hours in my at home business.
I made gobs of money.
I also did this for the family Christmas Tree

I believe I plopped it on there exclaiming
Merry Flipping Christmas!

This year I dont work at the office any more
I put this tree up.
I got to look at each decoration and remember when it was acquired.
I even got a little weepy when I put the green macoroni ornoment made by the girl in daycare

Merry Christmas everyone!

PS Dont get me wrong, still miss the money and my New Years Resolution is to work more
But it is a nice tree


  1. Aww, so pretty Tammy. We put up our charlie brown tree too. Haven't even bothered to hang any ornaments yet lol. It is fun to go through them though. We used to buy each other an ornament each year that represented what happened with that person that year so lots of memories now when we get them out. Beautiful tree you have there :) Maybe I'll just come look at yours when I get nostalgic for Christmas this year.

  2. I love your tree. I didn't even bother with one last year but now you've inspired me!

  3. oh it does put you in the mood
    I had forgotten how much
    now maybe i will be motivated to shop lol

  4. :( i miss my macaroni too. i was going to make some for my tree hehe

  5. aww friend thats lovely! much better then last years by a mile! very purtyyyyyyyy

  6. aww thanks everyone!'
    i missed christmas
    now if i can get daddy to put up some lights outside i would be really happy

  7. it IS a nice tree.

    Sometimes it seems when we have less it means more... or maybe it's just refocusing on the right stuff.

  8. It does look pretty! Maybe in some ways, it's better now??

  9. Oh yes lots better know
    I dont know how I managed to work that much before
    Seems silly now

  10. That's a nice tree. I leave tree trimming to the wife. I just get the stuff out of the closet dedicated to, yes, christmas decorations :)

  11. Great tree this year. Mine looks like yours from last year. Last year Mine looked like yours from this year. I am so confused. :)

  12. LOL Karen, I think we are all allowed one year of a charlie brown tree

  13. wow I like the christmas tree :) oh yeah the cause of virus is the code paying post which I had long time ago. anyway I am glad it is fine now and I happy to remove the code.


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