Monday, December 21, 2009

Nail Biting Experience

I am trying to be less high maintenance and Diva like to save money
I thought I would try and do my own nails.
I have gotten my nails done for years.
It doesnt look that hard.
Put some goop on, buff the heck out if it, paint it, easy peasy
Plus instead of wasting time at salon I could do it at my leisure at home.
I know!
I am so smart and thrifty.
Yay me!

So I bought this.

Thats a lovely start.
I still missed the airbrush designs on tips though.
So i bought these

And these
But these are boring after a while.
Plus when you put the goob on over top they fade you can barely see the design after all that buffing.
So I bought this.

Which of course is worthless without these

But ...
I found something out.
Doing nails is HARD!
If I let my ADD self do them I am constantly at them
Buffing,redoing, starting over, reapplying,painting, ruining brushes, losing nails in embarrassing places and at inconvenient times, making my cuticles bloody, and even forcing hubby to airbrush them for me.

When I think on it, I have decided I am really wasting my time.
Time in which I could be working and making money
So to save money and be all frugal
I made an appointment today to go here.

I think I can make a nice gift basket out of all the crap left over from these kits and save money on a gift too!
See what I mean?


  1. Ok so I admitt I cheated but just once and went last week and got my nails done but I swear I can do the fills myself and still save money.

  2. You go girl!!! Merry Christmas!!! And happy gift bag making.:)

  3. You are so funny.


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