Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Major Award

I have been entering a lot of sweepstakes lately
So far I have won

A pair of skis
A samsung behold II cell phone
A Idrive portable usb back up drive.

Needless to say I have been stalking my mailbox, email, and my heart stops when the UPS or Fed Ex driver goes by.
I read the sweepstakes forums on peoples suprise wins.
Things will just show up on peoples porches.
Prizes they didnt even remembering entering.

Yesterday a suprise box showed up on my porch.
YAY a win!
Told dear hubby, look a win!
YAY a major award.
This is what it was.

OHHH Goober won a major award.

But wait, its not a award
Its a christmas pressy for goober from my florida friend

Goober says thanks

No he isnt spoiled
Not at all
No I am not full of myself expecting major awards every day
Not at all


  1. I am glad goober liked it, I knew you would think it was yours, think last year I sent him cookies and had to remind you not to eat them LOL

  2. You did they looked just like people cookies and we wanted to eat them LOL

  3. aww friend u gonna get all excited when your uk friends parcel turns up!

  4. YES I cant wait
    I gotta get yours sorted too
    We had to take hubby truck in shop so as soon as we figure out how much that one is I can get your pressie
    I have a few picked out already

  5. Great gift. Looks like someone is going to have fun. And get some exercise chasing tennis balls with tails. So cute.

  6. it is pretty clever, he shredded the tail already but likes the ball

  7. awww goober be nice what did gramma tell you about not tearing up toys lol


  8. Yay for Goober! I'm jealous, the only thing I've won lately is a box of Little Debbie cupcakes. They were pretty yummy, though :)


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