Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's an F'd Up Life

We watch It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas season.
Hubby watches because he thinks it sentimental and sweet.
I watch it because it is so messed up and twisted and can’t believe I am only one who seems to realize it.
I am going to assume you have seen the film and began my rant.

Yes, life would suck if George hadn’t been born but what if George had made a few different decisions
His brother would be alive because he would be there to save him still it happened when they were young.

The pharmacist wouldn’t have killed off some poor family in his drunken haze because George was still at home he hasn’t gone any where yet, no worries.

So let move on to George first dumb arse attack

He stays to work the family business to send his brother to college instead.
Ok that’s cool.
He could have turned it around if he had any sense and made enough money so they wouldn’t have to worry about Evil Rich Mr. Potter.
He could have fired his dumb stupid Uncle Billie or put him on phones rather than handling cash.

On to George and his next escape gone awry

Little brother gets married and his new wife doesn’t want to him to work in Bedford Falls
Too bad
That’s your problem little man
No one told him to marry the shrew anyway
Heck they didn’t even know her and besides that she knew what she was signing up for.
George should have said I am out of here.

Ok so let’s say he doesn’t
There is a run on the bank and his new wife gives their honey moon money away.
First off if George was any good he would already have cash equity built up in bank
Heck he was there what five years?
Not only does his new wife give away all their money she happens to save enough back to buy some crappy run down home and informs him on their first night together that she always wished they would be trapped there forever.

So what does George get out of living this life of self sacrifice?
What is his reward?
He doesn’t have to go to jail for something he didn’t do!


What a F'd up life.
George you should have grown a pair.



  1. LOL Tammy. I will never watch this movie the same way again.

  2. I am sure hubby hates watching it with me
    I am all omg he is such a wuss
    tell them to piss off
    go anyway lol

  3. oh and dont get me started if he had invested that dumb house money in sam wainwrights business he would have been rich

  4. lalalalala, I don't hear you....

    I won't let you destroy the magic, I won't! LOL

  5. lol blue
    its too late you will never watch that movie the same again

  6. Hehe, I heard you all the way down here!!! Come read today's post if you don't believe me ;)

  7. I am glad it helped you Michelle I left a comment over on yours too and I have no doubt that you can do anything you set your mind to. Just you know, set your mind to it ;)

  8. okay, I don't see it your way, nor do I see that movie the way alot of people see it.
    George made the decisions he made because DEEP DOWN it's what he wanted. At any point he could have pulled the plug. He had built up this imaginary wonderland existance that would have been his had he only A.) ditched the girl he really loved B.) Fired his uncle billy who was senile c.)traveled the world....and saw great sites.
    He was poor, because every dime hehad was spent supporting his family or was invested back into the savings and loan...which was why he wasn't rich.
    He never turned much of a profit because the people he lent to didnt have much money, therefore, the only way they would be able to get the loan is at low interest rates. That is how any bank earns capital...interest. The run on the bank occurred during the great depression when the stock market crashed and interest rates were at an all time low to stimulate the flow of money. If he had invested in anything, he probably would have lost the money. George, deep down, loved that town...loved those people and lived exactly the life he wanted to live. He just didn't realize it till he lost it. He didn't realize how much he was loved until the people he had laid down his life for, came and laid some of their lives down for him. That IS what life is about. Giving to each other and love.
    It's a great movie and it's a wonderful life.;p
    That's how I see it.

  9. that is another way to see it, he needed realise it wasnt circumstances it was his decisions and he should have quit moaning how awful it was. he did love it and make his own choices the good thing is he learned in the end that was his life. it makes me laugh how he thought it was everyones elses fault during the movie, if he really wanted out he could have and would have. i was being sarcastic but yes he got what he wanted because he made his own choices and at least in the end he was happy with them

  10. i've never seen the movie all the way through. probably because i thought it was boring. i dont understand why people complain about their lives. you make it how it is.


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