Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Honey Don't List

I know there are a lot of wives who have Honey Do Lists
I had never heard of this phenomenon until I worked with a bunch of men
They would go on how they got some things off the honey do list done over the weekend.
I remember when I heard what it was, that it seemed silly
These are grown men why do they have to have their wives tell them what to do
I have never been one to nag or tell a grown man to fix things he knows are broken.
They all assured me that it helps, so I thought I would give it a go.
I put three things on a list
Simple things
Hubby was off work for a week for a week so three seemed a good start.
Convo below
Me: Did you do anything on that list
Him What list
Me The honey do list
Him what
Me Remember I wrote down three things you could do on your week off
Him Oh yah I buried that wire in yard
Me What wire
Him That one you said Goober dug up
Me That wasn’t even on the list.
Me You used your foot
Me You were holding a beer at the same time
Him Yah
Him So that’s done


  1. That sounds like a hubby to me

  2. LOL, that's so funny! (I didn't know about hubby lists either - that's where I went wrong, doh!)

  3. aww you gotta love him haha

  4. Thanks for commenting and FATFREEME WOW on your goal i will definately be reading your blog I plan on doing that this year, getting in shape CONGRATS

  5. My husband totally hates it when i give him a "to do list". I'm way better off not giving him one - lol!!

    Happy New Year!!

  6. I cant see how a list would work with any man, half of them are too stupid or drunk to read anyway, lol but i love his honesty, even if it wasnt on the list, you know the saying "If you want something done properly, do it yourself" ( or pay someone to do it!) My hubby does not even have a screwdriver! We always have to borrow one of the neighbour!

  7. lol oh rach that is funny, does he borrow it or make you go ask? i do think i shall just hire things done or do them myself

  8. Well, that explains why you don't bother with a honey do list! Husband fail!

  9. lol yes if there was no list i would have been proud of him

  10. hmm no i stole your screwdrivers so maybe thats why he didnt do anything hehe course we dont even have a hammer either!


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