Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Adventures in Typos

Adventures in Typos

On msn
Me: I bought Hubby a magnifying glass for his sock
Her  :What?
Me: You know a magnifying glass so he can see
Me: It's hard getting old cant see anymore
Me: He can use it in garage
Me: He has one in house but he always coming in to get it for garage so now he have one out there
Me: It's 5 x oh and it lights up
Her: Erm did you say you got him a magnifying glass for his “#$#”ock (rhymes with sock)
Me What? No his sock, his Christmas stocking


  1. thats just as bad as my mom, she emailed me to tell me she bought my hubby a new c****k, I was like well he is getting old but I did not know we could replace those. But alas she meant clock so he can get up in the mornings withot me yelling. LOL I was almost excited he was going to get something new up :-)

  2. so funny i hope he likes his gift though
    LOL Tina your mom is funny

  3. I got it the first time. LOL!!! Great gift.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. he can look at any thing he wants to see bigger right lol

  5. Your blog title is SO funny. I saw your comment at Jenny Mac's today and I laughed and laughed. And then I had to come over to say hi : ) Hi!

  6. hey welcome and thanks for commenting i love jenny macs blog. ill be sure check yours out too!


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