Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One of a Kind

I woke up last night with an itch
After scratching, thought I might as well get up and go to the bathroom.
When I sat down something really sharped poked me in the rear.
I jumped up and looked behind me.
It was one of my finger nails.
It must have came off when I was scratching my @rse and was hiding in my jammies.
I had to stop and wonder.
Do you think that has happened to anyone else?
Like ever?
Probably not.


  1. LOL so funny i bet they have some funny ones out there to top yours tho hehe come on internet tell us some stories

  2. I should do a contest.
    I know one time I caught my arcrylic nails on fire too

  3. maybe those fake nails not all that neat no wonder i keep mine short lol

  4. Tammy

    Thanks you so much for the unexpected chuckle. I once went to take a shower and as I was undressing found a piece of brownie in my bra (must have been from eating it earlier in the day). What did I do with that piece of brownie? I ate it. I know disgusting. I tell you sugar is my "crack".

  5. LOL dont get me started on sweets in the bra
    I once ate an M&M in front of some 20 something that was flirting with me. He was very horrified

  6. im glad im not the only one who er saves food in her bra for later lol

  7. I can totally relate to the food in the bra. Of course, the story regarding fake nails that I have to relate, isn't safe for work and is a bit on the squick side for some. But still really funny.

  8. I am betting this happens to more people than you would think. As for the food in the bar or shirt or pants? Yep. Also ate it.


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