Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Winner is ME!!

I left the house for like, oh I dont know, 10 minutes yesterday.
While I was out the mailman put in a notice of a certified letter in our box.
I am sure he had to be on the look out to be able to leave it whilst I was away.

Certified letters are never good news but it said the sender was OVERTONS
Who is that?
Do I owe them money?
Is it an Ebay purchase?
Why Certified?
It has to be important!
Stupid thing said I couldnt pick it up at post office for 3 more hours!
Hes probably not going to get done with his route till then and has to sit in his car waiting to miss other homeowners.

But then......
I remembered!
Last spring I entered hundreds of sweeps
You can find them on this forum

I did enter a contest for Overtons

They are located here.

First prize
15,000 dollars

So me being me and all optimistic
Pinged, Im'd Tweeted, facebooked, told every single person I know all about it.
We just had to wait three hours.
I wasted that time telling everyone and making a spreadsheet what to do with my winnings.

Long story short, Too late I know

I won a pair of waterskis
No cash option
No water anywhere near me
Not a water person of any sort unless its like you know the hot tub
Closest I get to watersports is trying not to drop my drink on way back from swim up bar.

Maybe I can sell them on Ebay


  1. congrats friend what a funny prize though haha at least you can sell them on ebay

  2. Hey you forgot you know how to fly over water in a paracute. Can't remember if you had drink in hand though LOL

  3. yes that is true but i think i finished my drink on the boat as they were strapping me in the parasail lol

  4. im impressed you won anything. and that you left the house. im pretty sure your mail carrier does that on purpose. he didnt want goob to go crazy on him

  5. yay good for u keep us posted as you win more neat stuff good luck u make us all smile thank you

  6. There was this one place behind a cemetary on Milford Lake but that was more for druken stupid people

  7. yes i cant imagine skiing in this green water

  8. OH my gosh, that money would have been awesome. Skiing .. well hey you're right maybe you can sell them on Ebay ;-) At least it feels good to win I am sure :-)??!!

  9. You are right Brandy it was really fun dreaming it was the big prize for those couple hours

  10. Hey! I enter for prizes on that site too. Also, weirdly, all of your posts just showed up in my Google Reader today as being posted this morning?

    Also, congrats on the prize - sorry it wasnt the $15,000!!

  11. UPS guy seems to ring the doorbell when I'm walking to the laundry room in my underwear to get

    Ok sorry for the visual :)


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