Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'd go with you But........

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I was working the other day and some stupid life time movie was on.
I couldn’t find the remote (meaning not in eyesight), so I left it on.
The ending was some passionate couple, separated by weird but noble circumstances, who in the end run away together to live happily ever after in paradise.
Sapping ending of course but yours truly is not heartless.
I thought how nice and romantic.
Then my mind wandered to wouldn’t that be nice to retire to paradise.
Being all ADD I soon started ticking off the reasons it would so suck for me.

My hair gets all bozo big in humidity
I would have to wear less clothing and my spanx would show
I sweat under my boobs
Since hitting my 40s I sweat in Wal-mart what would happen in tropics
My make up would slide down my face and my lover would see real me
Skinny women in skimpy clothes would be everywhere
I would have to wear sandals and I have never gotten a pedicure in my life.
I would have to shave and wax a lot more often

So I suppose I will just stay here in the frigid north and count my blessings

What do my southern readers think? Have you all overcome the irrational fears I listed.


  1. Sounds like a good movie and the story of a friends life! perhaps we can get you some good humitity cream for your hair, you just may like that warm weather in a few months with the cool breeze blowing against your face!! if you think about going, pick me up on the way!

  2. lol not to mention everytime we've gone anywhere with humidity we are complaining how hot it is!

  3. lol agreed cant go outside must retire to bat cave

  4. thats why I love england! Its cold and dreary all the time! I can go weeks without shaving...although I do wax now ...but it is nice and I look better with clothes on! I love being all snuggled under my throw...all is good until the heating breaks or until I get my bill! I do love paradise islands though...I just wouldnt want to live on one!

  5. I get shiny under my nose and on my chin. I hate it. That's enough to keep me off the island.

    PS. No matter how many times I resub to your feed, it doesn't take. It takes me to your old feed address. :(

  6. Waahhh!!! i want to go some where tropical!!

  7. LOL outdoor mom a nice cruise would be great


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