Sunday, November 29, 2009

From Gamma with Love

Gamma bought Goober a new toy
A lovely chicken
Click here to see Goober enjoy it

aww Gamma is so nice

He seems a little worried I might take it away though?
Who me?
Dont worry Goob your loud obnoxious chicken is safe.


  1. Too funny! I love how you show the cat just looking at you like, "WTF?" Pure Awesome.

  2. I am sure that is what she is thinking, either that or what is that awful noise lol

  3. he is funny
    I think he is afraid i will break the squeaker on it

  4. aww goober likes the ones that make alful noise and they are hard to find he loves gramma

  5. That face...too funny. Like, Oh, I have my eye on you lady.

  6. oh i know it you cant come near it he opens those eyes lol thanks for commenting everyone

  7. OH how cute! He really got it squeaking!!! That was a great present. :)

    (You know, no matter how many times I try to subscribe, your updates never come through my reader. I don't know what to do!) I can't find an email option to subscribe that way, and I can't seem to remember without a visual prompt. Help me! LOL

  8. I think i finally got it fixed! At leaset I hope so

  9. lol, now I see what you doing when you are supposed to be working ;) I saw that screen lol!

  10. lol yeah you gotta capture the moment when you can


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