Monday, October 19, 2009

Tuesdays Around Town

Yes I know I havent done one in ages.
I would give elaborate excuses if I could, but I wont.

OK maybe I will whine just a little bit.

I have been trying to diet and work out and failing miserably.
I have been working lots trying to get out of debt and failing miserably
I have been trying to organise my house and time and failing miserably

So what the heck, I will put some pictures up of my beloved adopted town.

First off the canopy of trees on the streets. I love them in the Fall it looks like you could go down this street and get lost in some sort of wooded mythical maze. What is that one line this road goes yonder or something poetic like that.

This house is huge but look at the red tree right dead center.
I wonder if they planned it that way.
Either way I love how its green everywhere and that red hits you smack in the forehead

I think this house looks out of place it looks as if it should be in new england or something but its crammed between the other homes. It needs to be in Connecticut with a bed and breakfast sign out front. I just love what they did with the trim.

All of these were taken on the same street. To me it makes it seem even more surreal.

Why is this house not in Mexico or something?
Was it built this way or do you think some clever homeowner came up with it.
It's cool because.......its just so weird.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. that last house is just weird looking, like it should definately not be there...

  2. yes i agree, but i love it haha wonder if i can acquire it someday.

  3. looks like it was a beautiful day wee about town on tuesday good job

  4. It was not too many days like this left

  5. Come to Florida. You'll have 300 days like that, although about 180 will be super-hot.


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