Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stupid Fat Mii on Wii

My Fat Arsed Mii

So I been faithfully working out every day
Like a lot!
I do the wii fit for 20 mins(aerobics) plus yoga
I do the bike for 10 as fast as I can pedal.
I end up drenched in sweat out of breath all hot and miserable
But that is fine because that is what you have to do right?
Two weeks I haven't lost one pound!
I am exactly the same.
Stupid working out is not enough
I am going to have to go on a stupid diet too
So stupid
Stupid diets
Stupid mii looks like a beach ball with legs
I may be fat but it all in my T and A LOL
so funny


  1. omg thats soooo funny look at your mii awww so cute sucks about diet tho urghh

  2. LOL friend I know she looks retarded
    So funny
    I am running to store today to get some healthy food
    meh stupid diet

  3. T and A fat is good. Man like those big booties. I hate diets. But got to have them I guess.

  4. I've never played the WII-you get to have a mini-mii, how cute-how come your mini-mii looks so PO'd? What is that numbered board she's standing next to-is she playing bingo?:-D

  5. Dixie that is the calander that marks off all the days i hve done the work out. I think she looks so mad because she been working out for two weeks and not lost anything lol

  6. LMAO tammy! I've seen pics of you and you defo do not look like a beach ball with legs. I shudder to think what my mii would look like...probably jabba the hut in workout gear lol. I wish I could use the wii fit, but I'm afraid if I stepped on it, it would probably just advise gastric bypass...that's if it survived the initial weigh in.

    Anyway, good on you for working out for two weeks! Take your measurements too because as you build muscle working out, it is going to weigh more than the fat you are losing!! You probably are losing, it just isn't showing up on the scale xx

  7. do what i do. I told the wii fit that i am 7foot 3 inches. Says I'm not fat anymore...

  8. I have a crush on the yoga instructor on the Wii Fit...is that unhealthy?


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