Monday, October 19, 2009

Someone Must Care

I am so out of blog content.
I sit around in a stuper in my boring life and wonder why I bothered starting a blog and why anyone would bother reading it.
So desperate for inspiration, I bought this book

It is a great book. Like the title says bloggers have to refrain from blogging for the sake of blogging and not just list what we had for lunch.
Because that is boring.
Telling people what you did all day and had for lunch is mind numbing and silly.
Do people eat like I do?
I dont think so.
I had a bag of these for lunch.

After that, I ate a box of these.
Come on!
How can that be boring


  1. omg i love reese cookies :( i was just thinking of those yesterday. im so jealous

  2. oh no dont tell wii lady hehe ma

  3. my stupid mii just got bigger and rounder


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