Friday, October 2, 2009

Politically Correct Hubby

Me: I am doing yoga
Him: I know I can tell you look great.
Me: I have only been doing it a week
Him: Yah but you have that glow you look fantastic.
Me: Anywhoo, this one position really really hurts my back.
Him: Show me
Me: Grunt pant twist ughh owwwww "Tadah"
Him: That is very good
Me: Yes doesn't that look like it hurts, wouldn't that hurt your back too?
Him: Yes it looks very painful when you do it
Me: What do you mean when I do it?
Him: I mean if I did it and was in the shape you are in, it would probably hurt.
Him: I mean I work out more than you do that's all
Him: You look great
Him: I bet lots of women couldn't do that
Me: You can shut up now
Him: ok
Him: Your hair is pretty
Me: Bite me


  1. At least he didn't say it made your butt look big or some other nonsense!

    Congrats on getting into that position in the first place!

  2. LOL at least he didn't say what my hubby told me once "but I love big women" ugh


  3. LOL they try so hard to say the right thing dont they. We must be terrifying when they get it wrong

  4. Haha, I think we ARE terrifying when they get it wrong. James never says anything really rude, he just doesn't know when to stop talking about things that will end up in an argument. LOL Even his best friend has tried..."Dude, stop...just stop...right there." He didn't listen. :-P

  5. Men are from Mars. Women are scary. LOL Uhm...just kidding?

  6. LOL you just said you are kidding because you are scared!
    But yes I agree women scare me too


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