Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In Case of an Emergency

Her: Ack chest pains I'm going to doctor
Me: OK
Her: Never mind, they are gone now
Me: Go anyway
Her: No it’s stupid
Me: Ok but call them
Her: I called they said I should go to er
Me: Ack ok you want to go to E.R.
Her: No
Me: Oh are you sure
Her: Yes it stupid I’m fine
Me: Ok but we can go it doesn’t matter you have insurance lets just go
Her: No I’m fine

Next day

Me: Want to go shopping
Her: Yay ok
Me: We can go to city
Her: Yay alright


Me: You ready to go
Her: Ack no I have chest pains
Me: Ok let’s go to E.R
Her: Ack yes omg it hurts I’m dying
Me: Ok
Me Vroooooooom
Me: We are here no worries get a wheel chair

4.5 hours later
No cigs
No food

Me her in unison: Omg what is it doc give it to us straight
Him: You have indigestion
Her: I feel stupid
Me: Don’t feel stupid let’s drive home yay
Her: I’m hungry
Me: I need a flipping cig you got any money?
Me: YAY I have blog content

Just teasing internet.
We were both very relieved and always get your chest pains checked out but how funny.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that she is okay. And I bet that burp made her feel SO much better. :)

  2. yes it did
    and i almost ran off the road laughing

  3. lololol Glad it wasn't anything bad. Great story though.

  4. Hubby said a friend of his has high blood pressure and when he drank pop the caffeine would do the same thing to him that gramma has, she didnt tell the dr she was drinking pop again... so i told her not to drink it anymore lol

  5. She said she is trying to give it up
    I guess the day she had them she had two pepsi in a row LOL
    so funny


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