Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Housing Slump

They say the housing slump is over in my adopted town.
I am having trouble believing it.
This cute home has been on the market for a while now with no bites.
Look how lovely her landscaping is

Its on a gorgous street.
Nice and quiet, manicured lawns and well cared for homes.
A great place to raise your kids.
Such a puzzle why no one has made an offer yet.

Unless, Its this house that is right next door.
Does anyone even live there?
This neglected yard that obviously has no love?

Yes of course someone lives there!
This is my house!
I dont get why my neighbors are selling?
I dont understand why people are not flocking to buy it and live next door to me.
Do you?

Maybe I can talk hubby into just running over them with the riding mower this weekend.
It couldn't hurt


  1. haha hilarious! Id buy it friend id love to live next door to you! How much is it selling for btw? do you know?

  2. I dont really know although the other neighbor told me they kept lowering it
    I would love to have you next door how fun would that be!

  3. Yes we are definately gonna have to do some TLC
    before they run us off the street

  4. Cute story, I love the twist at the end!!!

  5. aww i would like to live near you then it could be like every body loves raymond hahah

  6. yes but we should move somewhere warmer


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