Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yay We Won

The other day Mom and I had Subway for lunch.
As she was slurping on her giant diet coke I reminded her they had an ongoing contest on side of cup.
She tore off the tickets but couldn't read what was underneath.
We looked closer to no avail.
We even got out these, still no help.

Finally squinting, with glasses, holding it under a huge flashlight, we figured out the entry wasn't on the cup but on the tiny ticket we had torn off.
YAY it said we won
Too bad we smeared all the ink off in our old lady fumbling.


  1. oh no lol you two are funny! Did you ever figure out what you won? I bet it was a free coke or something, Mc donalds are always doing that here and I end up with billons of free porridge cereals, like im going to mc donalds to get porridge...please

  2. lol no
    Do you think they just serve it up out of some huge trough? gross lol

  3. I was trying to talk her into turning it in when I accidentally burnt it up in the ashtray. I bet it was the 1,000,000.00 ticket.


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